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Effective Framework on Relationship Building and Effective Communication

This resource will give you a simple framework and tips on how to communicate effectively and to not avoid conflicts so that you can start building a life filled with meaningful relationships.

Practical Decision Making Framework

This resource will clearly explain why it can be hard to make a decision and what they can do to make it easier. The decision-making process is more complicated than simply saying yes or no.


This resource gives you a framework that you can start using immediately when you have difficulty making decisions.

Task Management Tips

This resource will touch on the 3 tips (i.e., time analysis, timeblocking, and GTD method developed by David Allen) that you can implement today to better manage your time and tasks.

What’s outlined in this resource will enable you to find a methodology that works for you and start managing your time more efficiently to get more things done. 

Self-Care Toolbox

This resource will give you quick access to a list of self-care activities. It summarizes the benefits of each activity as well as for instructions on how to do them on your own.


Most of the activities I’ve listed below can be completed between 5-10 minutes.

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