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Corporate Training and Speaking

Customized Training and Speaking Engagement

I am a certified leadership and organizational psychology expert with over a decade of professional experience in strategic consulting, project management, change management, and organizational development. Throughout my career, I’ve assisted hundreds of staff and leaders in overcoming their personal and professional leadership and interpersonal challenges by helping them develop the mindsets and skills they need to communicate effectively with others. 


Training and workshops can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs and those who participate can expect to learn and practice new mindsets, frameworks, tools, and techniques to become more confident and effective leaders that lead to a high organizational performance.

Customized training workshops and educational sessions can be developed  based on your organizational needs around the following topics:

  • Coaching Mindset and Conversation;

  • Effective and Honest Communication;

  • Boundary Setting;

  • Core Values;

  • Confidence and Assertiveness;

  • Situational Leadership;

  • Conflict Management;

  • Performance Management;

  • Empathy and Compassion;

  • Vulnerability;

  • Strategic Planning (Mission, Values, and Vision);

  • Change Management;

  • Project Management;

  • Productivity and Time Management;

  • Creating a Psychologically Safe Environment.

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Example 1: How to Open Up Difficult Conversation

People regardless of their backgrounds (e.g., age, rank, seniority, ethnicity, gender, or financial status) often struggle to have difficult conversations with their partners, family members, co-workers, or friends. The valuable outcomes for the participants of this session are:


  • They will feel confident and more ready to have difficult conversations with anyone

  • They will learn and practice skills and mindsets based on real-life examples

  • They will have an opportunity to explore your challenges in a private and confidential setting


Examples of difficult conversations include:

  1. Speak with their boss to share that they're unhappy at work and have a constructive discussion to start crafting their job descriptions

  2. Be honest with their co-worker that they do not feel respected or valued during meetings and set boundaries in a non-confrontation manner

  3. Learn to express their feelings and opinions with their romantic partners without building up internal resentments. 

Example 2: How to Communicate with Compassion and Empathy

Compassion and empathy are key fundamental skills one must develop in order to communicate effectively with others and create a culture of psychological safety within an organization. At the end of the session, participants will learn and get:


  • Deep understanding of what empathy and compassion are like and what actions they need to take to change through an assessment and coaching

  • Techniques and skills on how to be more empathetic and compassionate without neglecting their own needs too much

  • Opportunities to practice the newly learned mindset and techniques which could have an immediate impact on the quality of their relationship

Example 3: How to Develop and Adopt a Coaching Mindset

Being able to be a great coach for others is a fundamental skill for leaders in any effective organization. While many people think being a coach is a simple task, the majority of them are not adopting a coaching mindset and as a result, are not being effective. In this session, participants can learn: 


  • Differences between coaching, mentoring, managing, and consulting and when to wear different hats to be an effective leader

  • Frameworks and skills to provoke insights by inviting others to think harder and deeper instead of solving problems and fixing issues for them

  • Opportunities to experience group coaching to learn how they can implement coaching into the interactions they have with others to improve relationships and organizational effectiveness.

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Next Steps

Training and education sessions can be offered both in-person and via Zoom depending on your location. 

Engagement can be as short as 1 hour (e.g., Lunch & Learn) or several sessions over 1 - 6 months. 

Investment varies as it is determined based on your unique needs. 

If your organization is interested in learning more inquire about my offerings, please contact me via the link below.

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