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Men's Group Coaching:
Leadership Dojo

Surround Yourself with Individuals who Can Elevate You to Live Your True Potential

"A Dojo is a Japanese word that means an arena for immersive learning and experimental learning"

This group has been designed for individuals and leaders who are looking to be part of a supportive community facilitated by an experienced professional coach and expert in Organizational Psychology to address the challenges they're facing and improve the quality of their professional and personal lives.

While my aim is to make any of my offerings accessible to individuals of different backgrounds, to participate in this group, there are certain requirements that each member must meet:


  1. Must have at least 3-5 years of experience leading others or running a business; 

  2. Must be committed to growing as an individual and as a leader; 

  3. Must have goal (s) and challenges that they are working on (i.e., professional, relationship, finance, etc.);

  4. Must be willing to help other members and build genuine relationships based on trust, accountability, and honesty. 

About the Program

The bi-weekly men's group focuses on developing the leadership skills one requires to achieve results, lead teams effectively, build strong relationships with others, and meet their true potential. This is made possible by providing members to receive support from a professional coach who has been trained in doctorate-level organizational psychology and leverages the experience and expertise of the coach and group for accelerated growth.

While the ongoing dialogue on men's well-being has started improving the situation in recent years, men still face societal expectations that discourage them from expressing vulnerability and emotionally connecting with others (especially with other men). As a result, many male leaders miss out on opportunities to make lasting and fulfilling relationships with others, which further aggravates the sense of loneliness and deprives them of moments to learn from others' experiences. This men's group aims to provide a space where individuals can openly discuss the challenges they are experiencing in their own lives (e.g., career, relationship, mental health, lack of purpose etc.) as part of their leadership journey.

The themes covered in the program include:

  1. Vision, Purpose, and Core Values;

  2. Effective Communication;

  3. Conflict Management; 

  4. Vulnerability and Emotional Intelligence;

  5. Prioritization and Boundary Setting;

  6. Accountability;

  7. Team and Partnership Building;

  8. Goal-Setting and Strategic Planning;

  9. Time Management.

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Bi-Weekly Online Meetings + Live Coaching

Every other week, you will attend a 2-hour Zoom meeting, which typically consists of: 

  • Group coaching where members share, explore, and resolve a real-life challenge in partnership with the coach and other members. The topics can range from general leadership challenges, accountability, goals, and other life challenges (e.g., relationships or purpose). 

  • Guided reflections and exercises designed to help you develop leadership skills;

  • Learning practical tools and frameworks that are relevant to the leadership skills members are trying to develop.

Transformational breakthroughs in a short amount of time can be expected for those who are coached live, and you may be surprised how much you will learn from the challenges others are being coached through.

Ongoing Coaching and Accountability Support 

Get extra support in between each live session via Slack where I’ll offer personalized coaching in the comments. This Slack group is also a great place for your to network, build rapport, and get support from other people in the program. You can ask questions to me or to the group anytime while you are enrolled in the program.

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  • Time - Every Other Wednesday 6PM and 8PM (PST) *Rolling Enrollment throughout 2024*

  • Cost – Monthly Payments of $150*. 

*This is a promotional price for this Beta program that lasts for the first 3 months. During the 3 months, the idea is that in exchange for the discount applied to the pricing, members will be expected to provide feedback on their experience as well as ideas to make the group even more impactful. Upon the completion of 3 months, the coach and each member will discuss the pricing and whether to continue the enrollment or not. .

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