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1:1 Coaching

Below are the four standard 1:1 coaching packages that are offered but programs can be personalized for each client and will differ in frequency and duration of programs. If you are interested in coaching, the first step is to have a quick introductory chat to see if I will be the right coach for you. 

If we decide to work together, you will choose one of the following options:


This is the recommended package as it will enable you to learn what you need to work on as well as what your vision looks like. Along with the coaching sessions, you will be given assessments and homework to learn about yourself; values, strengths, and default communication style. 

  • 2 *1-hour sessions over 1 month (Bi-weekly)

  • Email and Slack support (48 hour response time)

  • Cost: $495

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Individuals who enroll in this program will develop concrete strategies to build a life and career filled with meaningful relationships and purpose. You will go through a series of exercises to learn about yourself (i.e., passion, strengths, values) and develop a roadmap to achieve your vision over the course of 3 months. 

  • 6 * 1-hour sessions over 3 months (Bi-weekly)

  • Email and Slack support (48 hour response time)

  • Cost:$1395

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In this package, you will quickly learn the skills to implement what you learned through coaching and other resources I provide (e.g., homework, assessments, framework, and tools) at work and in your personal life.

Unlike the other options, this option requires you to meet me weekly so that you can constantly implement strategies and take action to achieve your vision and build the life and career you love.. 

  • 12 one-hour sessions over 3 months (Weekly)

  • Email and Whatsapp support (24 hour response time)

  • Cost: $2595

Image by Baptiste Azais

Sometimes we all end up in a situation where we need immediate support to resolve career and life challenges. 

For example, you may be having a severe conflict with your colleague at work or have a performance review or job interview that could have a huge impact on your life.

This option is for those who need emergency and timely support to resolve the challenges they are urgently facing.  

  • Ad-hoc sessions (Depends on each situation)

  • Email and Whatsapp support (24 hour response time)

  • Cost: $250+

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Management Consulting and Workshops

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Strengths Based Coaching

1 - 2 Hours

Prior to taking this session, you will receive a code to take Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0. (which can be completed in ~30 minutes). During this session, we will review your top 5 strengths and explore effective ways to utilize your strengths on a daily basis. You will walk away from the session with the following based on your top 5 strengths:

  • The true values you bring to the table as well as what energizes you

  • Things to avoid as well as what drains your energy

  • How to build and manage and effective team

  • Action steps you can take to utilize your strengths more

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1 Hour+

In a consulting engagement, I will help you resolve any challenges regarding relationship building, business strategy, project management, change management, and organizational development. The examples of challenges I can help you overcome include: 


  • Relationship Building - Help you solve your relationship challenges

  • General Business Strategy - Where you can go from here

  • Process Improvement - How to increase efficiency and productivity

  • Change Management - What tools you can use to successfully implement a change?

  • Project Management - How to ensure you successfully initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close a project.

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